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Guidelines issued on exports to Japan due to new criteria

BEIJING, May 23 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Commerce has issued guidelines to the country's farmers and farm produce exporters on how to meet new Japanese import standards and avoid having their fake omega goods rejected. CCNA 200-120 exam


The guidelines lay out Japan's new inspection criteria on chemical residues on food, which come into effect on May 29, and involve 302 food products, 799 agricultural chemicals and 54,782 inspection criteria.

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The document provides an assessment on the risks of China's major agricultural exports and advice on different situations for stpete wedding.

The assessment shows that under the new inspection criteria, high risk items include meat products, vegetables, seafood and tea.

A ministry spokesman said it was the first such report on another country's import policy, and promised the ministry would follow closely Japan's new criteria so as to guide Chinese exporters. replica watches, rolex replica watches

China's exporters and farmers have been making efforts to improve standards so as to meet Japan's new criteria. vmware vcp-510 exam

Japan is one of China's major agricultural produce markets, taking about one third of China's export produce.

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