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BMW Release X5 Security

BMW has released their latest X5 security bullet-proof car. This bulletproof car belonging to the European VR4 grade level. The body can withstand 44-caliber Magnums, 357-caliber Magnums Kruger and 9 mm pistol at close range shooting.

BMW X5 security bullet-proof car look basically consistent with the ordinary version of X5, but a bullet-proof armored cockpit design. The chassis use high-performance fiber composite materials and special steel products. The windows are thicker-armored bullet-proof glass, with a layer of polycarbonate, can effectively prevent glass hurt the passenger. The nylon tyre is made of bullet-proof material, even Breakdown by a bullet, still drive over 100 kilometers under the speed of 70 km/h. In order to observe the surrounding circumstances, BMW X5 Security is equipped with camera system.

BMW X5 Security carry a 4.8 l V8 engine. The maximum power is 355 horsepower, could achieve maximum torque 475 Nm in 3400 rpm. This particular model of X5's highest rate is limited at speed 210 km/h by the electronic system. When the weight of body increased, the car remained the accelerate results: 0-100 meters 7.5 seconds. This brand replica handbags uk is an ideal choice to buy as the designs are always novel and never go out of style.These are now made luxurious and affordable replica rolex to reach out to every budget and range.
Originally Published: Danmex.org
Author: Angulo Fu
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