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BHP Billiton Spent 400 million Dollars on Exploration of Escondida Mine (2008-8-8)

As the existing mining area of continued lower grade ore, for the extension of mine life, BHP Billiton the next four years running 400 million U.S. dollars devoted to the exploration area around Escondida mine.

Diego Hernandez, a director said that the exploration aimed at finding new copper deposits in order to maintain existing production and extend the life of the mining area, because the ore grade and copper ore in the content have been dropping steadily.

In the mining industry organization by Sonami mining trade group,  leather ipad portfolio case Hernandez said that BHP Billiton has to take action to learn more about mineral deposits in its possession.

Recently, Pampa Escondida was found around Escondida, the world's largest copper mine. Hernandez said that the exploration is really outstanding. The initial drilling shows that Pampa Escondida copper mine's copper content is between 0.7% -0.8%. This discovery may extend the life of Escondida and upgrading of existing capacity.

BHP Billiton was carefully considered in leather ipad cases the mine concentrator building the third to maintain existing production.

BHP Billiton holding 57.5 percent of Escondida mine's stock and operating the mine.

The company is the owner of Cerro Colorado and Spence mine in Chile. Hernandez said they are also explore the around of the mining area. He said that is unlikely to find very high quality ore storage, the company concentrate on the exploration of around existing mining area to extend life.In terms of the patent version, this ipad portfolio cases  can be found in the original style as well as in a number of eye-catching and colorful designs. While some of the belts feature tattoo inspired skull screens with contrasting burberry bags embroidery and rhinestone detailing, others are studded with crystals to give a cool feminine touch.

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