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China Revises Its List of Machine Tools That Can Not Be Imported Duty-Free(2007-1-24)

January 24, 2007

The Ministry of Finance of PR China has recently announced a revised list of commodities including machine tools and forging and foundry equipment that cannot be imported to the country duty-free to support investment projects in the country.

According to the revised list, which will be effective starting from March 1, 2007, all non-CNC machine tools will be subjected to tariff when they are imported into China. Regarding CNC machine tools, a total of 23 categories of products are affected, including CNC laser cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, gantry-type machining centers, CNC EDM machines, and drilling/cutting machining centers.

One point to note about the revised list is that the product categories are defined with technical parameters. For instance, only CNC laser cutting machines for cutting sheet materials at three or less dimensions will be subjected to import tariff.

In addition, a number of forming machinery, woodworking machinery, foundry machinery and measuring devices are also included in the list.

The ministry remarked that that for investment projects approved before March 1, 2007, the revised list would be applicable to those equipment imported into China after January 1, 2008 (inclusive) only [2456.com News].In fact, the majority of consumers make use of replica louis vuitton handbags to buy designer brands such as, more out of habit than as a conscious choice that represents their best buying tool. This is highly paid much to details because the replica gucci company has stores all over the world and a slight mistake can end up destroying the whole collection.

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