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Chinese Die and Mold Industry to Improve in 7 Areas(2007-1-23)

January 23, 2007

There is still much room for China to improve, if it is to make itself a strong manufacturer of dies and molds, a leading industrial newspaper in China says in a recent report.

Chinese die and mold makers have to give a strong boost to the precision and quality of their products. Presently Chinese dies and molds are mostly made of 2Cr13 or 3Cr13, whereas foreign die and mold makers uses specialized materials for better mechanical properties, wear and abrasion resistance, and so on.

The utility rate of standard parts in China about 40% to 45% now is far behind the international level, which is higher than 79%.

The shortage of skilled labors has also been a serious problem, which has to be tackled immediately.

China also has to speed up its pace in product portfolio restructuring. On one hand, it has to develop high-size, high-precision, complex-shaped and long-life products at a pace even faster than the industry's overall development speed; on the other hand, it has to raise the proportion of molds for plastics and transfer molds. It also has to increase the number and capability of professional mold makers.

In addition, China has to strengthen its ability in innovation, through installation of more advanced equipment as well as closer cooperation between enterprises and academic institutes.

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