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China's machine tool import rose in value and class in past five years

China's machine tool import rose in value and class in past five years

09/05/2006 10:38 by Staff Reporters

The five years from 2001 to 2005 were when China's import of machine tools underwent a sharp rise both in terms of import value and class, statistics reveal.

After soaring, import value begins to slow down

Last year, China imported a total of 116,567 units of machines tools, including those for metal cutting and forming, posting a decline of 8.8% from the preceding year. With respect to import value, on the contrary, a rise of 9.8% to US$6.496 billion was recorded.

Despite that last year's import value of US$6.496 billion was sufficiently large to maintain China's position as the world's largest machine tool importer for four years in a row, the 9.8% growth rate was the lowest compared to the previous four years: 27.3% in 2001, 31.0% in 2002, 31.1% in 2003, and 43.2% in 2004, indicating China's machine tool import will grow at a much slower pace in the coming two to three years.

Focusing on higher-class models

At the same time as the import value grew, China also saw a rise in the class of machine tools she imported. Compared to 2000 when China imported 104,794 units of machine tools at a cost of US$1.890 billion, the country's machine tool import in 2005 rose by 243.7% (average yearly growth at 28.0%), yet the growth in quantity was only 11.2% (average yearly growth at 2.1%). The unit import price - an indicator of imported machine tools in general - increased from US$18,035 in 2000 to US$55,727 in 2005.

A greater growth was also seen in the import of CNC machine tools than general ones. In 2005, 37,135 units of CNC machine tools, which amounted to US$4.471 billion in value, were imported. And from 2000 to 2005, CNC machine tool import increased at an average yearly rate of 19.0% and 33.4% in quantity and value respectively - both higher than the corresponding figures in all imported machine tools combined.

Performance of top seven countries where China imported machine tools in 2005 and 2000

Machining centers were of the fastest growth among the imported machine tools, with the average yearly growth rate in quantity and value reaching 37.0% and 43.0% respectively. In 2005 alone, China imported 10,343 units of machining centers at a cost of US$1.297 billion.

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